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 The Science Behind Trace-Gel Breeding

An insight into the science behind "Trace-Gel - Breeding" For Mares And Young Stock-:

  • Iron is the most plentiful mineral found in a horse’s body and is absorbed in the Duodenum and the upper Jejunum. A transporter protein called "divalent metal transporter 1" (DMT1) facilitates the Iron transfer and is also capable of transporting other "good" metal ions i.e. Manganese, Copper, Cobalt & Zinc and bad "ones" i.e. Cadmium & Lead. Once in the bloodstream Iron is found in a Glycoprotein called Transferrin. Up to 45% of the Transferrin Iron binding sites are filled, but only 0.1-0.2% of the total body’s iron is in circulation, the bulk of the absorbed iron being found in the bone marrow for erythropoiesis i.e. building Red Blood Cells. Various internal mechanisms effect the absorption of iron according to demand. Dietary variations also having an effect i.e. citrates and ascorbates (the latter from vitamin C) increase absorption, whilst phytates (found mainly in cereals) and antacid products can cause a decrease. The physical state of the iron in the duodenum greatly affects the degree and ease of absorption, as iron on ingestion is rapidly converted from the soluble Fe 2+ form (ferrous) to the Fe 3+ form that is largely insoluble. However if the flow of gastric acids is normal the pH is lowered and the Fe 3+ ions are soluble. It is because of these properties and related ones, that no Ardmore Equine Nutrition products have known detrimental or neutralising effects on the stomach’s acid pump. Additional components that can increase the absorption of iron are amino acids, hence the inclusion of Iron Metal Amino Acid Chelates in "Trace-Gel".
  • Only the highest quality ingredients from reputable sources with the correct accreditation are used in Ardmore products, one of the reasons is the potentially detrimental effects of Lead contamination. It was mentioned above that Lead is one of the metals that can combine with the transport protein DMT1. Evidence has shown that it can actually preferentially bind with DMT1 and keep iron out by filling the active sites. Additionally, when this happens it can interfere with a number of Iron dependent metabolic steps including the synthesis of "heme", with the consequences potentially being anaemia.

All of our products meet Jockey club, FEI & HSI rules & regulations and have no withdrawal period.

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