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Purify Gel | The Science Behind Purify Gel

An insight into the science behind Purify-:

  • "Purify" Is designed to take the cognisance of nutrient and hormonal requirements to ensure efficient Red Blood Cell production. Specifically, racehorses under training or racing conditions are subjected to additional pressures and strains on many systems including that of the blood. The repeated and vigorous flow through capillaries and veins leads to their degradation at higher than normal rates. It takes around 5 days in the bone marrow and a day in the blood stream for red blood cells (erythrocytes) to be produced and mature. They normally last around 140 - 150 days, but less under harsh conditions. The body compensates for any accelerated loss by producing a hormone erythropoietin (EPO), mainly from the kidneys but also the liver to activate the RBC producing processes. However, unless this "trigger" hormone and the correct nutrients are available at virtually the same time, the release of EPO will be wasted. Iron, Cobalt and Manganese are the minerals required, in conjunction with vitamins B12, B6, B2, B1, Pantothenic acid, Folates, vitamins C, E, and a number of amino acids. Hormones that are also necessary for this process are from the thyroid and androgens. "Purify" has in the formulation all the components necessary for the maintenance of efficient Red Blood Cell production, at the correct levels and through all the various stages.
  • The Immune System is many faceted in its operation, the production of Lymphocytes being but one. For accuracy, it is better to use the term Leucocytes, which includes Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Neutrophils and others, all produced in the bone marrow and required to form part of an efficient immune system. These are triggered by another hormone, mainly from the Liver and for simplicity known as TPO. Again, specific nutrients are required and Purify contains Echinacea and other nutrients that have been shown to have relevant positive effects in immune boosting functions.
  • The Detox System plays a crucial part in the performance horse’s life, as the extra waste materials generated must be removed. In the two previous sections, the crucial functions of the kidneys and liver were noted; hence it is obvious that the efficiency and health of these two organs and the spleen are imperative to be able to handle the extra "detox Load" and the many other functions they perform. All are supported with the inclusion the phytonutrients in Purify and in particular the liver with the phyto-nutrient silymarin, that has been scientifically been found to provide positive support for the liver. The inclusion of the relevant nutrients and an understanding of their interrelationship with other body organs, supports stress reduction, Food Conversion, Antioxidant utilisation and the Digestive Tract.

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