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Gastro | The Science Behind Gastro

An insight into the science behind "Gastro"-:

  • Most foods and phyto-nutrients, on digestion, produce varying degrees of either acid or alkaline breakdown products in the body. In the Gastro nutritional formulation components are included to aid the promotion and maintenance of mildly alkaline environment. Many cereals that often form a large percentage of the equine diet, with their compound sugars produce acid molecules on digestion. If the horse’s diet is too acid then the body has to neutralise this excess acidity and in certain circumstances, by effectively taking alkalinity from its own cells. Blood pH should be around 7.4 and any reduction in this value, or if that of the cells falls to a value of 7.0, they are classed as diseased and fail to function correctly or at reduce inefficiency. Transportation of essential nutrients is impaired and the horse’s metabolism has moved from "normal", often with the adverse effects. Gastric ulceration is frequently present when the integrity of the stomach’s mucosal layer is compromised. This can have a number of causes including stress factors and excess acidity.
  • Research has shown that the provision of the phyto-nutrients and other nutritional components in Gastro can be beneficially metabolised in the digestive tract, liver and kidneys, these organs being crucial in eliminating the build up of toxins that occur as part of normal metabolic processes in performance horses. Their efficient elimination is one of a number of ways that the nutrients in Gastro are used to feed and support the "normalisation & harmonisation" of the complex bio-chemical process at work in the horse’s body.
  • Maintaining digestive integrity and the cohesion of the mucosal layer in the stomach is of paramount importance in the prevention of Gastric ulcers. Research in the USA has shown that certain phyto-chemicals may have the ability to stimulate various categories of RNA to yield a quantitative increase in the RNA temperature fraction leading to support for the surface mucosal mucin. Gastro, with its scientifically assemblage of phyto-nutrients contains a number of these components that may be of assistance in this task?
  • Normal metabolic functioning demands that biological systems evolved over eons are only disturbed or disrupted to a minimal extent. Hence, Gastro contains no components such as hydroxides that neutralise or sequest the functioning of the stomach’s acid pump, a primary component in efficient equine digestion.

All of our products meet Jockey club, FEI & HSI rules & regulations and have no withdrawal period.

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