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F-C-R | The Science behind F-C-R

An insight into the science behind "F-C-R"-:

  • Bifido and other beneficial gut bacteria are supported and promoted by the availability of scFOS. In fructose oligiosaccharides the chemical bonding strength between the fructose and glucose part of the molecules are untouched by digestive acids and enzymes. However, Bifido and related bacteria are able to achieve this molecular cleaving, releasing energy for their proliferation at the expense of pathogenic bacteria including Clostridium perfringens, several species of E.Coli and others whose proliferation is often associated with a high starch intake and consequentially, potential diarrhoea.
  • Potential Ulcer Control using cytoprotective and mucosal generating ingredients in conjunction with naturally available amino acid healing agents provides the continuous basis for ulcer sequestration.
  • No reduction of the stomach’s acid pump function. The horse’s digestive system is far from being ideally efficient and stopping this crucial part of it is a counter food conversion measure and an unnecessary one when a horse is taking "F-C-R". Gut bacterial composition is constantly changing in the G.I. tract, being responsive to the variable food composition and environmental factors including stress. Hence as a percentage of the bacteria flow out of the system by natural processes, they must be supplemented continually with bacteria of the correct composition and provided with nutrition, therefore the inclusion of scFOS. It is crucially important for all horses to extract the essential nutrients from their food/supplements and aim to have "complete and normal digestion"; particularly in horses prone to laminitis, where undigested food and particularly starches, can lead to their unbalanced fermentation in the hind gut, lowering the pH due to the lactic acid production and causing gram negative bacteria to die releasing toxins. Any excess of Fructans can lead to similar problems with the end result being the release of endotoxic chemicals into the blood stream that can damage the delicate laminae.
  • Organ support. The liver produces Bile to carry away waste products and aid in the breakdown and absorption of fats. The kidneys also eliminate waste products; particularly those from the breakdown of proteins, but also regulate blood parameters and production (through the hormone EPO) and electrolyte levels to maintain the horse’s acid-base balance. Under the operating conditions of the professional horse these organs in particular are put under additional stress and require support.
  • Prebiotic and Probiotic functions in "F-C-R" are from the inclusion of enzymes in specific yeast strains and the inclusion of scFOS.
  • Phyto-derived agents known to have the potential to aid the immune system and selectively reduce pathogenic interference are included.

Associated Property Summary-:

  • Aids muscle protection by free radical sequestration.
  • Designed to help minimise lactic acid build up in the hindgut and the muscles.
  • Provides nutritional support for the organs aiding detoxification.
  • Contributes to maintaining an effective immune function.
  • Helps counteract the negative aspects of a high starch diet.
  • Helps maintain the dynamics of the nutrient movement through the digestive system

All of our products meet Jockey club, FEI & HSI rules & regulations and have no withdrawal period.

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